I have extensive experience both as an attorney and clinical therapist.  Gradually as I watched parties battle each other through the legal system in an all or nothing war, I moved from providing traditional legal representation to providing mediation services.  Moving away from the confrontational and unpredictable nature of legal proceedings was my motivation to specialize in mediation.

My professional skills and experiences allow me to guide parties to a mutually acceptable solution, and my intent has always been to combine my legal and clinical experience and apply them to situations that can be mediated.  I graduated from the University of Illinois with a Masters’s degree in Social Work (MSW), and from Saint Louis University with a Juris Doctorate (JD).  

In the past several years, I have contracted with private and governmental entities, and have applied my skills in a variety of settings including courtrooms handling litigation and making recommendations to judges in a variety of contested matters.  I have specialized in contested divorce and custody matters, but have also mediated a multitude of disputes over the years.  I am a mediator because I truly believe mediation to be the best way to resolve disputes.

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